Web Translation - SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Web Translation SCO

So you have a professional website built for your flourishing business…

But are you sure that your website is attracting all the potential customers?? How successful are you in getting people to read what you do??

We are talking about people who are non-English speakers. Statistically, 57% of the websites contain only English, but 70% of the world doesn’t speak English. So how do we bridge the gap in internet marketing? That’s where web translation plays an important role. Most of the people wouldn’t want to go beyond the landing page if they don’t understand what they read. So why curb your website potential using only English.

Website Translation

Website Translation is a small and integral part of website localization. Website localization means adapting to local audiences and plays an important role in digital marketing services. It could vary from geographic location to cultural adaptation to religious sentiments. Website translation contributes to it by translating the website to the language mostly used in that specific location. It plays a major role in globalizing your business. Internet users and social media users are growing by large year over year, and these social media are increasingly affecting the way businesses are promoted. Ensure that all your targeted audience can read and understand what you market.

How to Translate a website

There are several ways to translate your website. Manual translation to website translator services. A good translation service can guide and advice you on a way to best translate the website and increase the business presence in the market. The slightest mistake in translation can offend people and cause a catastrophic impact on your customer base. So choose your translation service wisely through a good web development company.

Why Translate?

English is the most commonly used language for the website. The reason for this could be that the Internet was first used among professionals, and their medium of communication officially was English. But over years people have evolved to use the internet and social media on a daily basis and for any trivial purposes. From searching definitions to recipes to research purposes. So translating your website will serve your purpose of reaching to a multitude and increase traffic to your website. Give a good thought into social media management to support your business.

How it helps SEO?

If you are into business you know internet marketing and if you know internet marketing you know the concept of SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will drive people to your website based on what they look for. Have the right content on your website and watch your customer base grow. Now that we know people search for content in multiple languages, having a multilingual SEO for the website will boost your business. Statistically, one in five people in the USA speaks a language other than English. Some of the commonly spoke languages are Spanish, Chinese, French, Vietnamese & German.