Web Design And Web Development

Web Design And Web Development

"DIY Website" is the buzz word.

Websites take the business to the next level with the ease of reach and visibility it creates. Website creation was arduous until the last decade. The advancement of technology and the availability of resources has propelled the website development business to a new height. Website development that once required a professional degree and a dedicated team is a piece of cake in the current times. With so many website providers in the market, any amateur can build their own website with no or little knowledge about web development. We often hear web design and web development being used interchangeably ....

Web design is not the same as web development. But web design and development are both parts of a complete website.

Output of Web design:

  • Overall look and feel of the website
  • Design and graphics for the pages
  • Flow of the pages
  • User experience factors like ease of use
  • Put together the contents in the interest of business

Output of Web development:

  • A realtime functional website
  • Make all the design elements functional
  • Connect all the web pages to form a flow
  • Incorporate the functional logic into all the pages
  • Ensure the web application works on business logic
  • Provide secure features in website

Why not DIY website :

Numerous website providers claim to help you build your website on your own with few simple steps. Most of them just provide templates or the overall layout to say. A design appealing to your business can cost more than advertised. Additionally, a website requires domain and database that comes with extra cost.

1.Poor Design and Site Structure

Anyone new to Webdesign can get carried away with catchy images and colors. But there is more to web site design than the landing page or the standard templates listed. It requires a thorough understanding of the business requirements and then analyzing the design to match the functional flow.

2.Mediocre Website

With a standard set of templates there could be multiple websites with the same design. Thereby your business compromises uniqueness.

3.Website Compatibility

A business website is not limited to work in a few systems, it will have to be accessed across different browsers, system configurations, and mobile devices. These factors need to be looked upon by a professional website designer so that the business website works uninterrupted.

4.Digression from Business Goals

In case of small business owners, it’s advisable to focus on their business goals. Website development requires a considerable amount of time and effort, so if it’s an individual owner it’s advisable to hand over the website to a professional so they don’t lose their valuable time in business.