A note on voice search and the rise of Voice SEO

Voice SEO Services

That small mic icon at the right end of Google search bar- voice search option was right there in front of internet users all this time. But only recently, the true potential of voice search was unveiled, thanks to voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google home. Interactive electronic gadgets like this have popularized it among internet users

About the Launch

Google Voice Search was launched on 20 May 2012. This option allowed users to carry out Google Search by speaking on their mobile phones and computers. But it worked only if the user says exact keywords in the search phrase.

Voice Action was the previous name of Voice Search, initially, it was used for giving commands on Android phones. In the beginning, voice search could only recognize local US English, later it was made responsive to American, British, Indian English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish languages.

The rise

For nearly six years, ‘the mic’ remained dormant till voice assistants conquered the affection of the digital world. With the popularity of these gadgets, prominence of utilizing voice search option for searches also went up among users.

As per statistics by digital marketing moguls, it is estimated that 22 percent of local searches are happening through voice currently.
This has opened wide possibilities for local businesses and brands. These sectors will reap the maximum benefit out of this growing trend of voice search.

Voice Search Optimization

We write and speak differently. Till now the content we see on the internet is optimized to align with how users type search phrases.

Recent studies by digital marketing experts indicate that within a span of five years, 90 percent of Google searches will be through voice.

This very observation is probing digital marketing companies around the world to refine their strategies for voice search.

Website content to become more conversational from now on

In the coming years, website content will become more like how we speak and less like how we write. Optimization with keywords and search phrases will be answerable to how people conversate with Google Search rather than how people possibly type.

Suppose, you are searching for restaurants in your area. You would possibly type ‘best restaurants in Oklahoma’ or ‘best restaurants near me’.

But if you are with a voice assistant, you would probably go for a conversational way of search phrase- ‘Which restaurant serves the best lunch in Oklahoma ?’.

This doesn’t necessarily imply that keywords are about to get lengthier, but more optimization will have to be done for ‘question phrases’.
Recent reports suggest that Voice SEO strategies promoting question phrases are making better results.

Voice assistants powered by Artificial Intelligence is coming

Voice assistants are now powered by Artificial Intelligence. As these interact with its user, it learns the accent of the speaker and adapts to search accordingly. Natural Language processing technology facilitates it, using this tool search program learns to recognize voice texture, interests, and behavior of users.

This hints the arrival of the promising voice search era in the digital universe timeline. Seems like we are at its gates as digital marketing firms are extensively researching on Voice SEO strategies. A lot of exciting user experiences are on the way for sure.

A perfect digital marketing company is one which regularly updates its database and strategies according to changing trends.

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