Top 8 Mobile App Development Trends for 2018


With the ever-growing changes in modern technology, it is very difficult to remain relevant in this competitive business environment. Companies have now realized that Mobile Apps are no longer an optional investment but have become a necessity in order to increase customer demands and take their business to new heights. The mobile app technology is the biggest technology in this technologically driven world where users always expect to see something incredible while opening a mobile application and only within few minutes spent with the app makes them stay or leave. Listed below are the top 8 mobile application trends that are bound to rise in 2018.


  1. Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearable Apps

    With a number of connected devices constantly rising every single day, the IoT has become a trend in the new technology market. The Internet of Things and Wearable Apps both will continue to grow tremendously in 2018 and the main focus will be to develop mature and scalable apps. The IoT has brought great changes in music, fitness and health apps and will continue to evolve in various other domains this year. This will lead to an impact on the mobile app trends as IoT devices are controlled by smartphones.

  2. Artificial Intelligence

    The rise in artificial intelligence technology has introduced many exciting features in the mobile apps. One of the popular features enabled by AI is the use of chatbots in mobile apps. These are AI-powered tools designed to simulate the behavior of a human as a conversational partner. We are definitely going to see a rise in more applications using chatbots in 2018.

  3. Android Instant Apps

    Google has recently launched a new feature in Android devices known as the Instant Apps. These apps are capable of functioning as a website and can attract more people with their ease and convenience. These apps do not require installation and allow a user to use an android app without actually downloading it. The Android Instant Apps have successfully bridged the gap between a mobile app and website.

  4. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

    Google has recently introduced the AMP project – a stripped-down version of HTML that allows quick loading of web pages on your mobile device. AMPs are automatically created mobile pages of websites that are a lot more responsive and fast as compared to websites. This has made a higher performance of the web contents and ads running on a site.

  5. Mobile Payments

    The rise in e-commerce has led to an increase in the number of mobile payment apps and mobile banking. The emergence of Apple Pay and Google Wallet has made customers to gradually shift to m-commerce. M-Commerce is emerging tremendously and will continue to stay strong in 2018 as well.

  6. Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality Apps

    Although we are on the initial stage of exploring new technologies, 2018 will see a rise in both AR/VR apps that will manage to capture the attention of a wider mass of people. Both of these have the potential to transform a diverse range of industry sectors. The AR will primarily focus on industries such as retail, healthcare, engineering and real estate whereas VR will be focused on gaming and events section.

  7. Application Security

    The need to ensure the security of mobile apps is the new focus of mobile app developers because of the amount of user data it consists. With the increase in online transactions by users, maintaining the security of mobile apps has become a must. The mobile app developers are making rigorous initiatives to ensure that every app comes with safety guaranteed.

  8. Cloud Computing

    The cloud computing technology has made it easier to store data and process heavy tasks on mobile devices. This has increased the reliability, productivity and security of mobile apps allowing maximum collection and analysis of user data. This has in turn reduced the load on internal memory and has also proved to be beneficial for mobile app developers and business owners.

The mobile app development technology is brimming with new trends and it is of utmost importance to keep up the pace with these trends in order to deliver value and remain relevant to your end-user.

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