How Digital Marketing Trends Will Keep Brands on Top in 2019?

How Digital Marketing Trends Will Keep Brands on Top in 2019?

Have you wondered how amazingly Amazon secures the first and foremost position in every online shopping search results you go for?

It’s the wonder of digital marketing. As per estimates by Digital Commerce 360, Amazon had invested a staggering sum of 451.2 million dollars for search engine marketing (SEM) in 2018

It’s definitely worth!!

Look around the world of gadgets around you, it’s impossible to figure out which stays away from the competition online availability nowadays. When entire business shifts to the web and mobile application platforms, the level of dependence on digital marketing are now triple than it used to be in previous years and it will be inevitably more in future.

Digital marketing keeps ‘trends’ trending.

Strategies like search engine optimization enable the most clicked pages to appear on top of Google search results. What comes on top will be more seen and soon it becomes known and common to everyone, it turns out to be a sensation, finally, it becomes a trend.

Here are some strategies or trends in 2019 you are going to experience and can be followed in the coming year that just catapult your website or business to top layers.

Videos never vanish without creating an impact

Videos are catchy, crisp and says what it intends in one shot. This makes video ads and promotional videos favorite of marketers to engage consumers.

Adjusting content and length according to the nature of social media platforms will engage viewers and makes them watch more.

Live video feeds are so catchy that it won’t evade users by no means, especially if a celebrity smile brightens it.

Maths also suggests the dominance of video marketing. Attaching video along email promotional texts was found to increment click-through rate by 200 to 300 percent. It is astonishingly huge. Landing pages with videos on it experienced 80 percent more conversion rate.

The Facebook live option was utilized maximum by marketers across the globe last year. This directly bridges social media users to products and services. The trend will continue without decline and you can expect more creative videos surfacing on the internet that entertains, retains and cultivates more customers.

Your voice will be heard loud and clear

The ears of virtual assistants will get sharper through advancements in natural language processing, conversation interfaces, automation, machine learning, and deep learning processes. Nowadays, one-third of total Google searches are voice searches.

Obviously a million more human voices seeking information about things on the planet and outside, existing and non-existing rushes to search engine of Google in future. Because it is more convenient and less time consuming than typing a query. Hence marketing strategies will now align to content that is more based on how people talk rather than how people write from 2019.

It is the age of Augmented Reality (AR)

The augmented reality experience is of whole different level- a computer-generated image superimposed on actual reality or the world we see on screen. It was remaining dormant till it conquered hearts of millions through the game that went viral- Pokemon Go, where it was first introduced.

Its wide acceptance made marketers introduce AR to their own domains. Soon, consumers will explore products and services with suggestions envisaged by augmented reality.

The coming years will expose consumers more to augmented reality possibilities and it will be breathtaking like never before.

More of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

How come Youtube remembers the videos we watched and suggests what we want to watch or how come shopping websites exactly figure out what we need to pop up as ads while we social network?

It’s with help of Artifical intelligence, this is made possible. AI stays close with customers and their personal interests by collecting and analyzing individual as well as mass shopping behavior.

In short, AI and machine learning have unlocked more efficient data analysis that made marketers deliver hyper-personalization for their customers. More of it is coming in 2019 as digital marketing companies now invest more in predictive lead scoring and dynamic content to serve users uniquely.

These suggestions rhyme so well with customers because its machine learning and the suggestions stay away from contaminations of human biases, errors, and perceptions.

More chatbots to say ‘hi’ in 2019

They are simple, quick-witted characters that answer pretty fast and clear to product or service related queries- Chatbots work better and it is projected that within five years, 80 percent of business communications would be carried out by these Artifical intelligence-driven computer programs.

Chatbots can be integrated into websites, mobile applications or even on social media platforms. They question more, but answers very plain and to point, keeping figures away from the conversation makes them adorable to customers. The data thus collected from chatbots are later used for improving marketing strategies.

More firms are now adopting these mostly cartoonish but extremely appealing characters to their websites and are educating customers. Chatbots will take over more online business platforms in the coming years.

How to utilize these digital marketing tips?

A well-designed website or mobile application with unique content is meant for more than just aesthetics, it provides more space for performing in-detail Search Engine optimization allowing more traffic to your website.

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