Customer Loyalty & Rewards

Customer Loyalty & Rewards Management Program

Customer satisfaction plays a prominent role in the success of a company. To increase customer satisfaction, organizations must adapt new and innovative techniques along with interactive programs to engage and reward customers.

Design Thumbprint’s One Loyalty application is developed with features such as member manager, redemption catalog, and member earning and point calculation engines with 3D reporting. Customers can login to our applications by providing a unique ID and password to redeem points by selecting a product from the redemption catalog. This web application focuses on showcasing a rewards catalogue with reward points for all available products. We can also customize the program to fit your specific needs.

Salient Features
  • Cloud based One Loyalty Program accessible by your customer on their smart phone and PC
  • State of the art online portal with a unique ID and password for every customer
  • Every customer can check the points balance and purchase history
  • Redemption catalogue with product categories for different age groups and choice of brand
  • Redeeming rewards effortlessly online
  • Integrates with POS / ERP Software for real-time earning and redemption data capture
  • Hand held redemption tool “One Loyalty Burner” for merchants who require mobile redemption of loyalty points with redemption receipt printing with an integrated thermal printer
  • Rich analytics & interactive dashboard