Checklist for Choosing the Perfect WordPress Theme

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Launching a website might seem easy but finding a theme that meets your content requirement is the hardest thing. With hundreds of free and paid Wordpress themes to choose from, selecting the perfect theme for your website can be a big challenge. It involves making some important decisions and you may have to strive a little before you find the best theme for your website.

Every WordPress theme has its own strengths and weaknesses. Before making your choice, you must be sure about the goals and needs of your website and then select a theme that will do complete justice to your requirements. To make your task easier, here’s a list of things that should be considered before selecting a WordPress theme for your website.

Checklist for Choosing the Perfect WordPress Theme

  1. Responsiveness

    Before selecting a WordPress theme for your website, make sure that the theme is fully responsive to all devices and screen sizes. Make sure that the theme you’re selecting for your website is cellular-friendly. Google lists mobile-friendly websites on top of the search engines. Make sure your website is fully responsive and mobile-friendly irrespective of its topic and demographics.

  2. Design and Simplicity

    Some of the WordPress themes are flashy and colorful with complex layouts. Ensure that the presentation of your theme is not overly complex. Make sure whatever you choose supports the goal of your website completely and doesn’t compromise with its usability and simplicity.

  3. Browser Compatibility

    The theme you pick for your website must be cross-browser compatible. This means that your theme must have the ability to fit in all browsers. You should always check if your theme is compatible with popular browsers both on your computer as well as mobile devices.

  4. User-Experience

    User-experience leads to increased traffic and is the key factor you need to consider before selecting a WordPress theme. Check if the navigation feature can be enabled in the theme. Navigations should be easy and simple such that it directs users to wherever they want to go on the website.

  5. SEO Friendly

    The theme of your website plays a major role in your site’s SEO friendliness. Make sure the theme you select for your website is SEO guaranteed and has the option to implement necessary SEO codes and practices to make your website searchable on search engines.

  6. Advanced Features

    There are many advanced features in a theme like managing advertisings, customize dashboard, customized error-pages, built-in plug-in and different options to promote your post via social networking websites. These features are available in free as well as premium themes, select one that fits perfect for your requirements.

  7. Support

    Buying a theme that has an active support and good documentation will benefit you to a great extent. Make sure that the developer updates the theme according to the latest version and it supports the new features of the updated version of tags, widgets, etc...

  8. Easy Customization

    The WordPress theme for your website must be easy to customize. This saves the hassle to make direct changes in style sheets. There are many themes available that can be easily modified according to your necessary requirements and that does not even require much knowledge of PHP and CSS coding.

Apart from considering the above things, one of the best things that could be done when selecting a WordPress theme is to know about the person or company who designed it. With these recommendations, you are now well informed to select a better theme for your website.

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